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Sunday, July 18, 2010

What We Hear - Chapter 1

What We Hear
© 2010 Rebecca Rhielle

Chapter 1

“Get up! C’mon sleepin’ beauty ... rise and shine!”

Sadie rolled over and groaned, pulling the pillow over her head.

A good-natured chuckle sounded in her ears. “You know that don’t work, girl.”

“Arnold, please!” Sadie pleaded, voice muffled by the covers.

His laughter filled the room - big and booming, like everything else about him.

Sadie sighed, sitting up finally and casting the useless pillow aside.

“Okay, okay! What do you want, Arnold? Why, in the name of all that’s holy, are you waking me up at this hour?”

“I need you to go with me somewhere.”

She looked around the room, even though she knew there was no one to see. If anyone walked in now, it would appear Sadie was talking to herself, when in fact she was having a perfectly normal conversation with a ghost named Arnold. Well, normal for her, anyway. Sadie talked to ghosts all the time.

And they talked back.


After stumbling through the whole shower-dressing-coffee routine, Sadie grabbed her bag and headed to the car. The minute she shut the door of her sedan, she felt Arnold beside her in the passenger seat. At least he had the decency to have made himself scarce during her shower. Sighing, she pulled out her notebook and a pen.

“Okay Arnold. What will it be today?”

The dead man’s spirit gave off an air of anticipation, and it made her wary. She had a feeling she knew what was coming.

“I want to visit my wife.”

A warm wave of nostalgia washed through the car, bringing tears to Sadie’s eyes. Overwhelming responses to the emotions of those on the other side were a side effect of being both a medium and an empath. This was one of those times she wished she had not been quite so blessed in both areas.

“Arnold,” she began gently, “we’ve talked about this. Your wife is not strong enough. If she even recognizes what’s happening, she’s likely to have me exorcised or locked up in the looney bin or both. You know that, right?”

“She’s ready. I know she’s ready. Please, Sadie. I need her to know I’m okay.”

She never actually saw the spirits that spoke to her, except in her mind’s eye. But Sadie was completely convinced that had she been able to see Arnold’s eyes right then, they would be filled to the brim with desperation and hope. Dammit. She should say no. No way, no how, not happening.

“Okay, Arnold,” came out of her mouth instead. “Let’s go see Marjorie.”

Sadie could feel his smile radiating toward her. She started the car, reversed out of the driveway, and headed toward the Silver Leaf Assisted Living Center. This was not going to end well.


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  1. I didn't know you were working on anything new...woohoo for me more to read!